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ul with your Internet busines

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BerichtGeplaatst: 29-08-2018 05:38:59    Onderwerp: ul with your Internet busines Reageren met citaat

BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- Archives and witness statements have indicated that Taiwan's "February 28 Uprising" had nothing to do with "Taiwan independence".

Tuesday marks the 70th anniversary of the uprising.

Some witnesses recalled the occasion, saying that there were no slogans or leaflets advocating "Taiwan independence" during the campaign, and most Taiwan people believed that ideas advocating "Taiwan independence" are false and absurd.

"What the Taiwan people are seeking is local autonomy, rather than separating from the motherland," Li Wei-kuang, head of a Taiwan people association in Shanghai, was quoted by archives as saying.

As "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces described the uprising as a conflict between provinces, Li recalled that people in Taiwan were not against people from other provinces, but only hoped to seek their help and cooperate with them.

On Feb. 28, 1947, a Kuomintang (KMT) party enforcement team assaulted a woman near Taipei railway station as she was selling contraband cigarettes.

The incident caused a bloody confrontation between Taiwan civilians and the KMT authorities, which developed into an island-wide movement against the despotic rule of the KMT.

The uprising was a spontaneous mass movement of the people of Taiwan for democracy and autonomy, but some people in Taiwan interpret the uprising as a "Taiwan independence" movement, completely distorting the true story.

An Fengshan, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, told a press conference last month that "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces twisted the uprising for their own gain, adding that their intentions are despicable.

The Taiwan people have a glorious tradition of patriotism, and participants of the uprising made enormous contributions to territorial integrity.

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